Missourians know "Clean Missouri" isn't clean at all. That’s why so many Missourians are opposed to Clean Missouri. 

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Clean Missouri isn’t about ethics reform. It’s about taking away your voice.
— Sen. Mike Cierpiot
We all want a more transparent political process. Unfortunately, Clean Missouri is an attempt by corrupt left wing special interests to manipulate the upcoming redistricting process and reduce the people’s voice in their government.
— Rep. Curtis Trent
For the good of Missouri, we cannot let Clean Missouri go through. It will devastate our state by moving redistricting under a partisan Auditor. Right now the process is worked through with a bi-partisan committee. We need to keep redistricting fair across both parties.
— Rep. Holly Rehder
With a name that insinuates bipartisanship and pure intentions, Clean Missouri has most everyone fooled. What lies beneath the public image of the Clean Missouri Initiative is an issue that, if passed, will be devastating to Missouri Republicans.
— Rep. Hannah Kelly
Clean Missouri is a dirty trick to make St. Louis and Kansas City voters’ votes equal to the entire state. We do not want to become Illinois, run by major cities and ignoring rural voters.
— Rep. Kurt Bahr
Clean Missouri is a farce. Clean Missouri is a sham and designed to get Republicans out of the way.
— Rep. Rob Vescovo
I’ve voted for ethics reform. I’ve voted for lobbyist gift bans. I’ve voted for term limits. I’m not ashamed to support those things and push for good government. Clean Missouri is not those things. It’s a grand scheme to convince voters that they’re putting good laws on the books but instead lessens their voice.
— Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer
The Clean Missouri Initiative that is working its way toward the ballot is a complete farce. I suggest everyone read and consider whether or not you want the Auditor identifying the qualifications and picking the person who is to hold the new position of State Demographer who will be in charge of state senate and state representative district apportionment. This will more easily allow for partisan manipulation worse than we’ve seen it before.
— Rep. Paul Curtman

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